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           Crown Asia Compounders Corporation (CACC) was registered with the SEC in February 1989 as a manufacturing company of plastic compounds and other plastic products for direct & indirect use in the construction and telecommunications industries. Commercial operations officially began in June 1990 with 22 employees at its plant in Guiguinto, Bulacan, and with an operating capacity of 1,800 metric tons (MT) per year.

           Sometime in the early 1990’s, the company’s PVC compounds became accredited and recognized under the U.S. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label for exports directly and indirectly to international wire & cable companies. To date, it is the only Philippine PVC compounder with such an accreditation. In 1997, CACC was granted the ISO 9002 certification by QMS International and, in its continuing commitment to maintain the highest level of quality in its operations and products, the company intends to pursue its ISO 9001:2000 certification.

           Capitalizing on its expertise in PVC formulation, CACC expanded downstream into the manufacture of industrial pipes under the “CROWN® PIPES” brand for electrical, sanitary, potable water and telecommunications applications. In 1998, the company began producing CROWNFLEX® unplasticized PVC (uPVC) flexible electrical pipes using the latest German machinery and technology. The company’s range of product lines grew quickly with the introduction of CROWN® uPVC electrical conduit pipes and CROWN® Blue water potable pipes in year 2000, and CROWN® sanitary pipes and fittings in year 2002. Thereafter, the company added CROWN® HDPE pipes and fittings, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and pressure main distribution pipes and telecommunication conduit pipes in its product slate. In a relatively short span of time, CACC has transformed CROWN® PIPES into a premium brand that is committed to excellence in product quality, reliability and safety, thereby earning the trust and confidence of architects, builders and key players in the construction industry.

           Today, the company, with over 200 employees, has organized itself into two operating divisions, namely the Compounds Division and the Pipes Division, in order to guarantee its long-term commitment to serve the industrial needs of the construction and telecommunications industries by developing and marketing high-quality PVC conduit pipes and fittings, for various applications, both here and abroad.


       To provide high-quality, world-class quality upvc pipes & fittings that meet or exceed national or international standards of specifications as required by our customers, at the lowest cost-to-serve.


       To be the preferred supplier of world-class quality upvc pipes & fittings to the construction, telecommunications, industrial and automotive industries, both locally and overseas.